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Digital Two-Way Radio FREE TRIAL

Is your business struggling with site communications?

With the rise of smart phones and social media, phones have become a distraction rather than an asset. Employee safety and accountability are paramount to the success of a business and digital two way radio can improve safety, accountability and productivity. For a limited time, National Wireless is offering a FREE TRIAL on the latest digital two-way radio products, offering a risk free, no obligation opportunity to trial these products on site.

Even existing radio users can benefit from this offer as digital two way radio is now SO MUCH MORE – Significant product advancements over the last ten years have led to smaller, lighter, more durable products, with greatly improved audio quality and advanced digital applications; offering increased safety and productivity.

  •  Radio gets vital communications through in real time – One to One or One to Many calls at the push of a button
  •  Direct mode or private networks remove dependence on phone networks and eliminate black spots and intermittent coverage
  •  Digital two-way radios offer superior audio quality optimised for high noise environments
  •  Data services and telephone interoperability – greatly increase the flexibility of your communications – increasing efficiency
  •  Digital radios offer advanced safety features such as man down, lone worker and emergency buttons.
  •  Advanced safety and functionality enabled by GPS technology

Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL

Are you ready to transform your business and make the switch?

To ensure we provide a customised solution for every business, this offer is available across all the brands we carry. Whether you are new to digital two-way radio, or an existing user, this is a great opportunity to trial the newest models on site for one week completely free of charge.

We encourage you to call us on 02 4964 1533 to speak with our sales team about your specific needs and arrange your free trial; or click HERE to submit an enquiry.

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