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End Of Financial Year Stock Clearance

National Wireless have a large range of clearance and ex demo radios and accessories that we need to clear ahead of stock take! Many products are reduced to half price with significant reductions on others.Please note, this list may no longer reflect stock availability.  Please call for current clearance stock availability.



Take advantage of these deals to spend your budget and replenish your radio fleet. We have small quantities of a wide variety of radios that are now discontinued, call us to see if we have any that are compatible with your system, avoiding the need to mix newer models with different charging systems and accessory compatibility.

If you are ready to upgrade your whole system, we have several models, suitable for use in a commercial industrial environment, available in quantities that would make it possible to build a new digital two way radio system around them.


All prices are ex GST

Ex demo radios are in good working order, visual condition is specified. See something on the ex demo list (excluding NEW products) you like?  Make us an offer!









Qty Avail


Motorola VX456CB Portable 512CH incl 80CB, 450-520MHz $320 NEW SOLD
Motorola DP4400e UHF Digital, 32Ch 403-527MHz IP68 $899 NEW SOLD
Hytera MD622 UHF2 DMR Mobile 256CH 450-520MHz $295 NEW 99+

Sepura STP9240

407-473MHz Reduced Keypad –  No battery or antenna $449 NEW 2
Motorola MTR3000 Base Station Digital and Analog compatible Call NEW 2
Vertex VX4600 VHF Mobile, 512Ch, 134-174MHz, 25W $269 NEW 1
Hytera PD782 Portable, 1-5w, 400-470MHz, GPS $599 NEW 1
Vertex VX456CB Portable 512Ch incl 80CB 450-520MHz $225 GOOD 2
Vertex EVX534 UHF2 Portable, 512Ch, 450-520MHz 5W $349 GOOD 2
Motorola CLP107 Wired Model 4Ch includes Holster and Earpiece $149 GOOD 2
Motorola SL2600 Portable, Reduced Keypad, 3W, 403-480MHz, Bluetooth and WiFi $330 GOOD 2
Sepura SRG3900 Mobile, GPS, 806-870MHz, No Console $879 GOOD 1
Vertex VX454 Portable UHF2, 512CH, 450-520MHz $249 GOOD 1
Vertex VXD720 Portable, UHF2, 512Ch, 450-520MHz, 5W $199 GOOD 1
Vertex EVX531 UHF2 Portable, 32Ch, 450-520MHz, 5W $329 GOOD 1
Vertex EVX539 UHF Portable, 512Ch, 450-520MHz, 5W $379 MARKED 1
Motorola DP4600 Digital portable, 403-527Mhz, 4W, IP57 $635 GOOD 1
Motorola DP4800 Digital portable, 403-527Mhz, 4W, Full Keypad, IP57 $695 MARKED 1
Hytera PD372 Portable, 256CH, 430-480MHz $169 GOOD 1
Hytera PD602 Portable, 1-4W, 400-520MHz, GPS, Man down alarm $379 GOOD


Hytera PD602 Portable, 1-4W, 400-520MHz $349 MARKED 1
Hytera PD662 Portable, 1-4W, 400-520MHz, GPS, Man down alarm $449 MARKED 1
Hytera PD662 Portable, 1-4w, 400-520MHz $469 GOOD 1

Hytera PD682

Portable, 1-4w, 400-520Mhz $469 MARKED 1
Hytera PT580H Plus TETRA Portable, 3W, 410-470MHz, GPS, Man down alarm $699 GOOD 1
Hytera X1p DMR Portable, 450-520MHz, GPS, Man down alarm $689 GOOD 1
Hytera Z1p TETRA Portable, 3W, 405-475MHz, GPS, Man down alarm $845 GOOD 1



National Wireless prides itself on being Australia’s Premier Wireless Communications Solutions Provider.  With offices located in Adelaide, Brisbane & Newcastle and a team of highly trained staff, we are well positioned to service the needs of the business to business, commercial and industrial marketplace.