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Motorola Radios

Since 1928, Motorola has been committed to innovation in communications and electronics. They pioneered mobile communications in the 1930s with car radios and public safety networks and made the equipment that carried the first words from the moon in 1969.

Motorola Solutions serves more than 100,000 public safety and commercial customers in more than 100 countries. Their wide-ranging product portfolio has the tools you need to get the job done in any business.
Motorola’s diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offers solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce.

MOTOTRBO (DMR) – From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work.

Dimetra TETRA – Motorola offers a complete portfolio of mission critical TETRA solutions allowing customers to focus on their mission, not the technology.

Entry Level Series – Unlicensed Business Radios – Immediate, reliable and cost-effective communication; ready-to-use and license-free. These radios have a range of up to 10 kilometres, enabling on-site communications with no call charges – the perfect answer for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues.

National Wireless has a long standing relationship with Motorola, we have years of experience supporting and maintaining Motorola Radio products and systems.


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