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National Wireless Phone System Upgrade

National Wireless are upgrading our phone systems.  Having recently switched over to the NBN, our phone system is transitioning to Voice Over Internet Protocol.  With the NBN, VOIP has become the norm and indeed the majority of fixed phone lines will be switched off.

There may be outages to our phone system as we switch over.  If you do encounter trouble getting us on the phone, please send an email to sales@natwire.com and we will endeavour to return your call as quickly as possible.

We will soon rationalize our numbers to the one following number: 02 4964 1533Be assured this phone number will provide access to all branches via our national number. 

In terms of cost to you, our customer, it is now cheaper in the majority of cases to call a national number than it is to call a 1300 #.  In the medium term we will keep 1300 852 929 active to ensure customers who call that number still find us.

How can your business benefit from these technologies?

Did you know you can integrate your phone and radio systems?  The advent of Digital two way radio has allowed us to integrate many two way radio and phone systems over the last decade.  With VOIP, this is more practical than ever before.  Employee’s without radio can talk to colleagues on radio from their telephone, divert incoming calls directly to a two way radio and make outbound calls from your radio handset, the savings and convenience are endless. 

Another recent advance, which further enables interconnectivity, is Push to Talk radio technology available via mobile telephone networks. 

National Wireless now utilise an extension app that allows us to speak from our VOIP phone system directly to employee’s on their mobile phones and vice versa, calling via this app utilises mobile data rather than the mobile phone network.  We anticipate similar apps for two way

radio will soon enable another level of inter-connectivity between radio, mobile phone and desk phones.  Stay in touch no matter where you are located and across different communication technologies.

Call us on 02 4964 1533 to learn how we can help integrate your radio and phone systems.