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GME CM60 Series

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia for the toughest of conditions, the CM60 Series provides a robust solution ideal for both the large systems integrator with an extensive network of mobiles, portables and repeaters or the small operator with a single site.

The CM60 series provides and analog solution with optional licensing upgrades for P25 in Conventional, Trunk and AES 256-bit Encryption.

The advanced User Interface Control (UIC 600 Series) features and OLED screen for high visibility characters, back-lit keypad, powerful front facing speaker and a secure in vehicle interactive bracket. The start up screen can also be programmed with a customer company logo. 

All models are backward compatible with analog signalling features including MDC1200, multi-tone selective call and CTCSS.


Features and Benefits

Backward Compatible with Analog

Migrate from your current analog system to a P25 digital system at your own pace as your budget and business priorities allow. Future proof your radio systems.

User programmable function keys

Compact Radio Chassis

Using GME’s unique slide and lock mounting kit makes installation into tight area’s easier to complete and provide assurances that all connectors are a tight fit.

Open API's for Extensibility

Keeping with the P25 open-standards, all the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) developed at GME are publicly available to help third party developers get up and running with integrating and expanding their P25 platform.


VHF 136 to 174 MHz, UHF Lo 403 to 480 MHz, UHF Hi 450 to 520 MHz

1072 Channels

80 Channel CB compliant in UHF Bands

IP54 Rating



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