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Hytera DIB-R5 Indoor Base Stations

The Hytera DIB-R5 indoor TETRA base stations are the latest generation of dependable and powerful base stations developed by Hytera. The DIB-R5 base stations are the perfect for all scenarios where high-speed communications are essential.

Product variants:

The DIB-R5 advanced base station is equipped for interchangeable configurations with up to eight carriers.

The DIB-R5 compact base station is equipped with an integrated hybrid combiner and requires minimal space, even when installed in standard 19″ equipment racks.


Download DIB-R5 Indoor Base Station Brochure


  • Advanced can support up to 12 TETRA carriers
  • Compact can support 2 TETRA carriers
  • Market-leading transmitting power
  • 50W, 20W and 10W transmitting power
  • Excellent failure safety and data security
  • Lowest power consumption in the market


  • The highest transmitting power in the market means perfect radio coverage.
  • Optimum reception through maximum sensitivity and triple diversity.
  • Component monitoring, sophisticated jamming detection and remote parameter configuration.
  • Maximum failure safety achieved through a multilevel redundancy design.
  • Efficient network architecture that supports distributed switching architecture without central nodes.
  • Smart security fallback operation with complete scope of functions.
  • Modules are easily accessible and can be easily replaced during operation.



  • 380-470 MHz
  • 806-821 MHz
  • 851-866 MHz


  • 380-430 MHz
  • 806-821 MHz
  • 851-866 MHz

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