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Hytera MD782 Mobile Two Way Radio

Highly versatile, the MD782 from Hytera is fully compatible with MPT1327 analog trunking standards, whilst also configurable to DMR Tier III digital trunking standards, it is ideal for users operating large analog systems who are looking for a migration path to digital radio.

With its large display and programmable keys, it is also well suited to office applications where the ability to identify callers and make private calls is often desirable.

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Features and Benefits

Large colour display

Easily visible in strong sunlight, enabling workers to establish communications in the most difficult environments

7 programmable keys

allow for a streamlined user experience

Optional Wireless Microphone available

Wireless Microphone allows a user to roam up to 50m from their vehicle and still make and receive radio calls from the portable microphone. Perfect for delivery drivers, local council workers, and office users

First class audio quality

Digital technology eliminates the static and ambient background noise previously heard on analog radio communications, allowing calls to be heard clearly the first time – improving productivity and usability of the system as a whole

Analog and digital capable

Migrate to digital at your own pace with the MD782, with the device capable of allowing you to work with your organisation’s capital purchase restrictions while still remaining compatible with existing analog standards (eg. 5-Tone signalling) Also backwards compatible with the MPT1327 analog trunking standard, and expandable to DMR Tier III, the MD79x is designed to work with your current requirements and build towards your digital future

Supports a number of optional applications including GPS tracking and lone worker, among many others.

Utilise digital technology to ensure the safety and well-being of your team


Available in VHF 136-174Mhz, UHF 400-470Mhz, 450Mhz-520Mhz