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Hytera RD982 Base Station

A professional DMR 50 watt rack mount repeater designed for shared radio sites. The unit features a unique heat dissipation technology allowing the unit to operate on transmit continuously.

The accessory connector supports analog audio from each time-slot, allowing for easy interface of the third party devices such as telephone interconnect or handset consoles.

Step up to the RD982S for DMR Tier III compatibility, simulcast or advanced SIP telephony.


Download RD982 Brochure


  • 50W transmitter power
  • Repeater diagnostics for remote monitoring and management
  • Natively supports the DMR Tier II radio standard
  • Smart Analog-Digital switch
  • IP Multi-site select


  • Achieve the maximum coverage footprint from your ACMA Licenced frequencies.
  • Improve the serviceability of your radio network by allowing your radio supplier to diagnose any issues or faults with your repeater via a remote IP connection.
  • Being compliant with a fully inter-operable digital standard allows other providers and manufacturers to supply alternative compatible hardware, which equips your organisation with the power of choice.
  • Allow for a graceful migration from analog to digital.
  • Network your RD982 repeaters together to expand your coverage footprint as your organisation grows.


VHF 136-174Mhz UHF 400-470Mhz, 450-520Mhz

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