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Motorola EVX-261

Motorola EVX-261

Motorola EVX-261

Motorola makes the switch to digital radio seamless and affordable.

The Motorola EVX-261 operates in both analog and digital modes, meaning you can upgrade your fleet to digital and continue to use analog simultaneously!

The EVX-261 from Motorola is equipped with expanded interoperability, which enables you to choose from multiple signalling options.

When in digital mode, the EVX-261 uses noise cancellation to facilitate crisp audio and clear conversations.

The compatible universal battery system eliminates equipment clutter by standardising on a single charging base for the entire fleet.

Download Motorola EVX-261 Brochure

Features and Benefits

Power Through the Shift

Go the entire shift and then some more without having to recharge. With the EVX-261 you don't need to worry about running out of power or losing the ability to communicate. Enhance productivity and safety with a radio you can always rely on.

Come in Loud and Clear

With established audio performance, you can hear and be herd in almost every situation imaginable. The EVX-261 makes conversations go smoothly and ensures your team is better equipped to achieve even more!

Keep Your Team Safe

Ensuring the safety of employees is important for every business! The EVX-261 comes with safety features designed to get your employees assistance immediately in an emergency.

Quality Without Compromise

When it comes to selecting a two-way radio for your team, you shouldn't have to compromise. The EVX-261 delivers the essential capabilities your team requires and and the value you desire without breaking your budget!

Dedicated Licensed Communication

The EVX-261 provides features you might not expect, such as dedicated, licensed communication. This reduces distracting crosstalk in conversations, and improves employee safety and productivity.

Analog and Digital Capabilities

The EVX-261 can be used in both analog and digital modes. As a result, you can upgrade your radios to digital and continue to use analog at the same time!


Frequency Range: 136 – 174 MHz, 403 – 470 MHz, 450 – 512 MHz

Dimensions: 109.2 x mm x 58.4 mm x 32.3 mm

Weight with Antenna & Belt Clip: 281 g

Number of Channels and Groups: 16

IP Rating: 55


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