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Sepura Radio Systems

Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications. 

Founded in the UK in 2002, Sepura has expanded rapidly across the world with a network of regional partners that sell and provide local support for its market-leading products, and has achieved the status of market leader in over 30 countries.

National Wireless is proud to be the Australian distributor of Sepura Systems products and a longstanding supplier of Sepura radio products. In fact we installed the oldest operational Tetra system in Australia in 2006 using Sepura terminals.

We have significant ‘in country’ stock that is available to ship overnight from our distribution centre. This can be pre programmed before shipment allowing equipment to immediately enter service.

Our technical team is factory trained to support the product out in the field, including repair of terminals.




Digital 2 Way Radio

  • Sepura SC2024

    SC20 series hand-portable radios are resilient, intelligent and durable, providing intuitive operation and outstanding performance, even in the toughest conditions. Highly versatile using cutting-edge technology, these revolutionary broadband and applications-ready radios combine the mission critical security and advanced performance of TETRA with a second high-speed data bearer.

  • Sepura SC21

    SC21 Handheld Compact without Compromise Small and light enough to be lapel worn, the SC21 is a next-generation, smart TETRA hand-held radio, and the latest addition to the SC2 series. With a wide range of functionality inherited from the ground-breaking SC20 hand-portable – yet 25% smaller – it offers all the benefits of a compact radio, with no compromise on performance.

  • Sepura SRG3900

    The SRG3900 is the benchmark in flexibility and performance of a mobile radio

  • Sepura STP8X

    The STP8X digital two-way radio is an Intrinsically Safe TETRA hand portable certified to the latest IECEx standards. Potentially suitable for use in explosive gas and dust environments the STP8X sets a new standard in Ex radios.

  • Sepura STP9200

    The Sepura STP9200 is the entry-level TETRA radio which offers the essential features that a user requires: powerful audio and RF, extreme ruggedness and simplicity of use.

  • STP9000 Series

    The STP9000 is the flagship of a highly innovative series of TETRA hand-portable radios, designed for users who want the best.

Analog 2 Way Radio

Base Stations

  • Hytera DIB-R5 Indoor Base Stations

    The Hytera DIB-R5 indoor TETRA base station is the latest generation of dependable and powerful base stations developed by Hytera. Click here to view a comprehensive overview of this product, including its key features and benefits.

  • Hytera DIB-R5 Outdoor Base Station

    The Hytera DIB-R5 outdoor TETRA base station is robust and reliable, space-saving, and uses market leading energy efficiency technology to reduce operating costs. Click here to view a comprehensive overview of this product, including its key features and benefits.