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  • Hytera PD662

    The perfect blend of portability and functionality, the PD662 from Hytera takes a leap into new grounds by offering users a slim and lightweight design, combined with the advanced call control features demanded of today’s two-way radio technology. The combination of LCD screen and reduced keypad opens up a suite of functionality such as SDS messaging and… Read more »

  • Hytera PD682

    Hytera’s PD682 is the radio of choice for users who require a feature-rich device in a small and lightweight form factor.  The 0-9 Keypad allows for free-form text messages to be composed and sent to other users on the radio network, whilst also providing the ability to set-up private one-to-one calls as well.  Contact National… Read more »

  • Hytera PD792 Ex

    The PD792 Ex from Hytera is the perfect two-way radio for users working in hazardous areas. Rated to IECEx, ATEX, FM, and CSA specifications, this device suitable for use in many of the mining and oil and gas environments established throughout Australasia. Being DMR compliant, the PD792 Ex can assist analog users with their migration to… Read more »

  • Hytera PNC380

    The PNC380 is an easy-to-operate LTE handheld radio with the characteristics of a mature PMR radio. Get it now at National Wireless.

  • Hytera PNC550

    PNC550 is a smart Push To Talk terminal integrating smart phone and professional Push-to talk functionality over mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Hytera RD622 Base Station

    The Hytera RD622 is a 25W, DMR and Analog dual mode repeater in a compact design, embedded with a mini duplexer and power supply. Click here to view a comprehensive overview of this product, including its key features and benefits.

  • Hytera RD982 Base Station

    A professional DMR 50 watt rack mount repeater designed for shared radio site. Click here to view a comprehensive overview of this product, including its key features and benefits.

  • Hytera Wireless PTT – PNC550

    Audio Accessories

    Small and east for wearing  Support BLE Capable of changing the channel 

  • Hytera X1p

    Hytera X1p, ultra-thin full power keypad digital portable radio, complies fully with ETSI DMR standard. The perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design.

  • Hytera Z1p

    Z1p combines ruggedness and high performance in a stylish, slimline handset, only 23mm thick (1400mAh li-ion battery) and weighing  less than 270 grams.  Built for mission critical communications the Z1p offers  flexible configuration, advanced functionality, powerful transmit ensuring a greater range and future proof technology; to ensure it can satisfy the requirements of a wide… Read more »